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Paint the Moon offers Photoshop and Elements actions to help bring new life to your images and take hours off editing time. Professional editing tools to help you do everything including professional retouching, essential workflow edits, and beautiful and unique artistic processing ... all at the click of a button. Our actions work like magic to make processing amazingly quick and simple. Paint the Moon actions are also highly customizable for just the right look and help turn your photos into ART! Also offering fine art and vintage photo textures and other photographers tools for a unique look.

Browse our extensive collection of video tutorials to help guide you through the editing process. Try before you buy with beautiful free actions, textures and more to enhance your photos.

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Resizing, sharpening, rounded corners, watermarks and more. Plus collage storyboard templates!

Click to download your free Photoshop and Elements actions and storyboards here (compatible with PS CS2 and up as well as Elements 6 and up):

This is a slightly longer version of the video because I also quickly cover other features in the set of
twenty actions and six storyboards beyond just the new watermarking actions.

Here is the link to do so! :)

Facebook Fans get extra special treatment at Paint the Moon! Fabulous free downloads, specials, tutorials, videos and more!!

Here are just a few examples of the amazing actions and storyboards included … for FREE! :)

Resizing, sharpening, rounded corners, watermarks and more. Plus collage storyboard templates!

Resizing, sharpening, rounded corners, watermarks and more. Plus collage storyboard templates!

By Annie Manning


  1. MelodyA. says:

    Thank you! You are always so generous. It truly is appreciated.

  2. Aprilwilder says:

    u are truly awesome!!!!

  3. Gina says:

    I would love to add these freebies to all the actions I have already purchased- but I am not on Facebook. Do you have a set available for those who promote you in other ways? Twitter or Google+?

    1. Annie says:

      Yes … you can grab it here, Gina (if you share on Google+ or Twitter that would be awesome, but of course, it’s a gift either way!) … http://bit.ly/ptm-fb

  4. Shirley says:

    You are soooo helpful and giving with your talents! thank you so much!

  5. Jette Gad says:

    Wow-had to read it twice-cant believe it’s free… What a treat… Thank you so much…

  6. Nicole says:

    Wow! You are so generous! Love your actions and now, your storyboards. You are making my editing life so easy! Thank you so much!!

  7. Laura B says:

    I totally love these, do they work for Elements too? I have downloaded them into my Elements, but they aren’t working! So sad!

    1. Yes, they are compatible with Elements 6 and up … please be sure to look at the included guides for both the actions and the separate instructions for the templates. :) You can also find them all (including videos) here http://paintthemoon.net/blog/support. :)

  8. Pam says:

    Hello Annie! Thank you for this generous giveaway, you are too kind.

    I did have a question too…is the sharpening action only applicable for Facebook or can it be used on websites, blogs, Flickr, etc? Thank you, and again thanks for the giveaway and inspiration!


    thank you so much for this wonderful free stuff…i have elements 10 and dont see the actions for storyboard where is this supposed to be?


    never mind i just figured out it is a psd file…

  11. samantha says:

    you are amazing! thank you so much! these are incredible and i thank you a million times over!

  12. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much for the Freebies. They are great, especially the new Watermark actions. I am trying to find the Watermark Logo Bar Action, but it’s not in my list. I have the ATN file (PTMPPWatermarkLogoBar.atn) but no PNG or XML file so it’s not showing up in my Effects Pallet (Elements 9). I’ve downloaded it twice but only the ATN file is there. Any suggestions?

  13. Christina says:

    THANK YOU!!! Absolutely, I will share!! I really really love your storyboards! I’m so excited to use them!

  14. Emily says:

    These are truly wonderful. Thanks so much for taking the time to create and share these!

  15. Jamie says:

    Thanks so much! I liked and shared, but where do you find the actual downloads?

  16. [...] rather than just including a logo. I found some wonderful Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements) actions from Paint the Moon that allow you to quickly and easily apply a pretty watermark to your [...]

  17. Nicole says:

    LOVE ‘em! Thanks for sharing and allowing us to share!:)

  18. Nicole says:

    I love this set, and I use it all the time, somehow I lost one of the storyboards and I can’t seem to be able to re-download this, any suggestions?


  19. Atulperx says:

    Thanks for sharing your amazing free actions with us. We have showcased your amazing Photoshop actions in my roundup and I hope that you will like them. To download these action people will visit your page, So you can get full credits.

    500+ Free Photoshop Actions For Photographers.


  20. […] Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions & Textures ~ if you haven’t gotten into editing with Photoshop yet, you have no idea how amazing an “action” can make your photo look..with one click of your mouse, an action will take your image through a series of editing steps, resulting in something that would have taken a variety of steps to get the same result.  “Paint the Moon” has some amazing free actions and textures as well as a shop full of many choices. […]

  21. Thanks for the kind words, Stacey! I’m just quick … I very rarely use a tripod and mostly never with kids … they are too fast! :) And I am constantly changing angles and perspectives – moving this way and that, crawling on my belly an then up again standing on a chair a second later – a tripod is just too restrictive for the way I shoot. :)