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{ Photoshop Actions | Here Comes the Sun! | A Styled Family Session }

Photoshop Actions Free Sun Flare Tutorial

I know … it’s crazy. Another session with the Manning family so soon already? We had so much fun a couple weeks ago that we headed out again for more (okay, maybe I had most of the fun, but if they dig down deep the rest of the family would admit it wasn’t all that bad for them either). My five year old, Adeline, played stylist with me as I let her pick some of the props and session ideas.

The light was glorious and one of our first sunny days we’ve had here in our little rainy Oregon town in many months. I was able to use one of my favorite go to actions again, Pop My Flare! from the Fresh set. For Elements users lusting after this action, look for the upcoming Fresh Wonderland II set which will give PSE users all the actions they’ve been missing out on from the Fresh and Wonderland sets. I also used a good heaping of Picture Perfect with a little Moxie and Coffee House mixed in. So much fun! I’ll be posting some recipes and tips from both this session and the last family session in the coming week … possibly even a video tutorial and tips on sun flare!

I have SO many photos from this shoot, but I didn’t want to bombard everyone with a photo overload. So, look for the second part of this post to be up this weekend with the other half of this session’s photos. For the photographers out there interested, these were taken with a Nikon D700 and either my Nikon 35mm 1.4G lens or my 85mm 1.4G. Most were taken at f1.4, with the exception of a couple family shots at f2.5.

PSE Actions Sun Flare Color Pop Children

Adeline adores this old Argus of mine and picks it to play with almost every time we go out … so, yes, it’s a little overused in our pictures but she loves it!

Elements Actions Vintage Color Pop

My happy little Junebug.

Photoshop Actions PSE Babies Photos Portraits

And, can you believe it, yet another photo with me in it! I think I’ve been in more of our family photos this past few weeks than I have in all the past five years combined. I’m rather proud that we were able to get these done since my remote has been broken (and I keep forgetting to replace it) and all these photos with lil’ ol’ me in them were done with the old self timer, tripod and SCRAMBLE method. LOL!

Photoshop Actions Family Photography Vintage Session
Photoshop Actions Textures Vintage Family Photos
PSE Actions Photoshop Family Photographer
Photoshop Actions Children Outdoor Photography Sun

Me (again – gasp!), the Bee and the Bug. Not too easy to capture with a tripod and getting that sun flare just right!! Ha!

PSE Actions Photoshop Sun Flare Color Pop

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  1. your husband is terribly photogenic aswell…. it’s nice that he like to be a part of the photos:)

  2. Oh, the one with Scott kissing Eliza June. swoon…..

  3. Wow!!! My favorite session ever! <3

  4. Beautiful. Sunrise, sunset or what time od day? I would love to know. The light is BEAUTIFUL(and so is your family)

  5. Please, NEVER apologize for sharing your family images. They are filled with such love and joy…always bringing a smile to my face, as I am sure to everyone else’s as well. Thank you so much!
    Kindest regards,
    Judy Thompson

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