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Lifestyle Photography Tips

Lifestyle Photography Tips and Project


Most of the images in this post are edited with the Luminosity Collection or the new Grace Collection Photoshop actions.

Lifestyle Photography Photoshop Actions - 52 Week Photo Project

What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is a term that gets thrown around a lot and one that happens to have a bit of a different meaning depending on the photographer you are talking to. But, in it’s essence, it is the capturing of real life moments – genuine expressions, most often candid without the subject knowing the photo was being taken. No posing or fake smiles, taken candidly in most cases and often the subject is caught up in their own world, unaware you and the camera are even there. It’s the recording of precious details that pass us by everyday, and are often those little things that we look back on in later years and think, “Oh my goodness, I remember when …” It’s an interaction, an expression or emotion, the way we live, laugh and love. In future years these photos will be something to look back at and treasure, to remind us of the real moments and to tell our story to future generations.

In this original post you’ll find many examples of lifestyle photography as well as a plethora of helpful tips to getting started (or as a refresher to those already familiar with lifestyle photography).

Lifestyle Photography Photoshop Actions - 52 Week Photo Project

Lifestyle Photography Photoshop Actions - 52 Week Photo Project

As someone who began her photography journey with the passion to capture the beauty in every day life, I’m excited to see that more and more photographers are embracing lifestyle photography. This project is for those who want to preserve and capture all those memories that are so important to us personally … and it’s about your life, so there really are no rules. But there are some tips to shooting lifestyle photography that may help you along the way that you’ll find below.

Paint the Moon - This Is Our Life Photo Project - 52 Week Lifestyle - Photoshop Actions

Be sure to see the original, very in-depth post dedicated to capturing lifestyle photography … finding good light indoors, settings, capturing candid moments, etc.

Taking lifestyle shots are all about genuine moments, the real life raw emotion and the relaxed, everyday details that make our lives so special. Be sure to read the lifestyle tips post that can help you to create the most beautiful and meaningful captures possible.

Lifestyle Photography Photoshop Actions - 52 Week Photo Project




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