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Rock Star 6th Birthday Party – We Cranked It Up to 11

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Miss Adeline Brett’s rock star 6th birthday party was a super blast to plan and even more fun getting to play there! Our kiddo parties are usually more along the lines of some pizza and friends in the backyard garden … but this year she asked for a punk rock star theme and we had so much fun planning and ended up getting a little carried away with the fun of it all.

Keep in mind that all this wasn’t *just* for Adeline (we’re not into the spoiled kid parties or getting so wrapped up in making things “pretty” that we forget to enjoy the important things and have fun) … it was for us, for her sister, for all Addie’s friends and all our friends and family to come and be silly and have fun! Apologies for the photo overload … this post is very image heavy (and all processed with Paint the Moon actions that are coming soon)! πŸ™‚

The party was as surprise … the first surprise party Addie’s had, so there was extra excitement in the preparations. The awesome part was that I did all the planning and preparing while the kids were sleeping, and when it was party time I had most of the photos out of the way so I could put the camera down and not miss out on any of the fun!

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk Guitar

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

It was bone chilling cold outside … the poor girls were troopers and we just took ten minutes to take a few shots of all of us decked out. I very rarely wear make up and felt SO weird with so much piled on. Both Scott and I agreed it just emphasized how dang old we are (he was the proud recipient of heavy black eyeliner errr… GUYliner, ha!). We looked like washed up oldsters who’ve seen too much rock and roll, drugs and alcohol and were refusing to admit we were washed up. LOL!

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

The invite, aka, Rock Concert Ticket. She had her own little site set up for the invite and RSVP as well … The graphic designer in me took over with the design of everything … late at night as the girls slept is when I worked on all this. And, yep, the QR code worked to bring the guest to the invite/RSVP site. We also had QR codes set up on the back of the backstage passes … the kids were met at the velvet rope out front to be given their exclusive, personalized Backstage All Access Pass and their pass code was scanned – on the screen they would see this pop up: backstage pass code, so we “knew” they were cleared for access. πŸ˜‰

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

After photos outside, as far as Addie knew, I was going to go run errands downtown after they dropped me and Eliza off. I was actually setting up the party while they picked up some cupcakes … and then they came back downtown to “pick mommy up.” She walked in and still didn’t understand it was HER party. She was going to beg her daddy to just bounce one time on the bounce castle before she had to leave to go home to the tiny family get together she thought we had planned. πŸ™‚ Imagine her surprise when we told her THAT was her party … and the bouncy castle was her birthday gift! Okay, you don’t have to imagine it because I snapped a picture!

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

The very moment of surprise when she walked in, saw everything and realized it was all for her!! Also note that all these indoor shots were taken in a dark ballroom at night with no flash … so we are talking an average of 2500 for ISO.

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

The band invited ALL the kids up on stage with their little inflatable guitars from their swag bags to “play” guitar. It was quite a sight seeing 25 kids lined up rocking out together … the guitarist stood in the back playing so they all felt like they were the ones making the amazing music.

This is Adeline and her best friend, crazy Miss M.

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

The band played Happy Birthday to her as we all sang along … it just happened to be the coolest and the LONGEST rendition I’ve ever heard. She was *dying* to eat that cupcake and blow out those candles and kept a smile glued to her face the whole time, but it lost it’s luster about two minutes in. You could see the “Come on, already, there is cake to be eaten!!!” written all over her face!

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

We were so excited to have the amazing artist Miranda Vettrus play for us all night. We have friends of ours to thank for hooking us up with them (and for helping manage all the music and sound that night – Jason is an awesome friend and massively talented in numerous areas). Adeline had heard her music before and actually asked if she could come to her birthday party … I explained famous musicians were very busy, so I didn’t think so, but I would sure check. Imagine her surprise! And she played all of Addie’s favorites for her … a little Johnny Cash and the Bright Eyes song that was playing when she was born. This mama was a bit teary eyed throughout the night. Our good friends are up there playing too (Jason on drums and Silver on bass guitar) … take a look at their sweet little girl, Echo, rocking out with them!

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

I took a super simple light set up down with me so I could get mug shot style photos of any guests who wanted to jump in before leaving the party. Should have taken a seamless paper backdrop with me (the brown carpet and walls are not so punk rock), but in the end I poo poo’d the idea of dragging down the softbox, light and a giant 107″ roll of paper plus stand. πŸ™‚

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

And here are some of the party details. I went a little overboard and designed a whole “brand” for Adeline’s party, right down to the little punk girl graphic that looked just like Addie and her own site ( was transformed for the party! I got so involved in the festivities and just enjoying watching my little girl have fun and be a total crazy girl that I never got to snap photos of the set up all complete, which was a bit of a bummer, but I don’t regret missing some silly photos in exchange for playing with my girls and being totally present in the moment. As many photos as you see here (and, yes indeed, there are a lot), they were taken very quickly so I could just enjoy the party and special moments without the camera in front of my face.

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

Photoshop Actions Rock Star Kid's Birthday Party Photos Punk PSE

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Getting Kids to Smile in Photos With Real Authentic Expressions Photoshop Actions Elements PSE

And in response to some of the nasty comments I received yesterday that I had to hide …

Note: There was no elaborate spending being done here, just the combination of lots of hard work and creativity as well as being lucky to pull some strings including being blessed with friends in the music industry, finding a space where the rental fee was going to a good cause to help teens in need, taking advantage of this mommy’s graphic design skills and making it all come together. This was a super fun gathering of family and friends in the middle of the holiday season and I really don’t see why I’ve heard so many negative comments about throwing a fun party for our loved ones to enjoy. Everyone had a blast, and we don’t regret it for a second. For her party next year she has asked for her friends to come over to our place in the country and pet her animals – that’s it. πŸ™‚ She’s definitely not suffering from spoiled kid syndrome. And I suppose I have to be a little snotty and say, even if I did decide to spend a lot of money on my kid’s party and could afford to do so, ummmmm … who cares!? πŸ˜›

And while I realize the punk rock theme may not be for everyone, the party was for a little girl who absolutely adores music (and, yes, she loves some authentic but kid appropriate punk music in there as well). We have many friends in the music industry and who are musicians themselves (half the band are close friends of ours). She loves dance, music and art. Her mommy and daddy and all her friends also love music and everything creative … so it was a natural pick for her to have a party celebrating those loves. To each their own! I know that all her friends and our friends and family all LOVED it, so we’re good with it! I’d also like to say that our usual party is somewhere along the lines of pizza and friends in the backyard … but this was a unique and fun experience too. πŸ˜›

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129 thoughts on “Rock Star 6th Birthday Party – We Cranked It Up to 11

  1. Oh my Annie! You are such a great mother, and both Addie and Eliza are so lucky to have you! This party looks like it was AMAZING!! I wish I could plan a party that great!! Looks like it was fun!!

  2. So so cool πŸ™‚ I want a birthday like that πŸ™‚ Maybe my little girl will get a rock-birthday in the spring πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing this. Many cool ideas, I just loved it!

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  4. Amazing Annie. I know I’m a little old, but could you adopt me, please?! I love the graphics you made. So very creative. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Soooo amazing!!! Everything turned out SO awesome!! These are the memories that she will remember for a lifetime!! She will talk about this party for the rest of her life. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh my gosh, I love all of the pictures!!!!! such a creative and fun idea, you are truly amazing:-)

  8. Katrina Stoop says:

    I don’t know….cute and creative but really??? She’s SIX………..

    • Like I said at the beginning – it wasn’t just for Addie – it was a FUN event for us, for all her friends and all our friends and family … it was a blast, don’t regret it for a second. For her party next year she has asked for her friends to come over to our place in the country and pet her animals. πŸ™‚ She’s definitely not suffering from spoiled kid syndrome. To each their own! I know that all her friends and our friends and family all LOVED it, so we’re good with it!

  9. OMG!! AMAZING and verry creative!

  10. Wow Annie! Will you adopt me!!! LOL. This looks totally amazing and I’m so happy your little girl had a great time. She totally took on that rocker persona. And the tiny bottom! It was so darn cute! I love your kids clothes so much. Happy Birthday Ms. Adeline!

  11. Nubiancrafternc says:

    OMG, this is one amazing party!! Everything looks great, I’m sure Adeline had a ball!TFS

  12. Ok, I officially think you are Superwoman. When do you find time in your day to pull off a party like that, on top of your business and simply being a mom??

  13. Brandie Medina says:

    These are awesome pics. What a great idea. Everyone looks like they had such a great time and I love the way you processed these pics.

  14. These photos ROCK!!! Love seeing your work πŸ˜€ The energy in these pics are incredible!

  15. you are the crazy cool mom ! crazy in a good way. what adorable pictures, but you’re making me miss not having a girl (mom of 3 boys) Love your stuff and love the fact that you like to help newbies like me get better…that’s huge!

  16. Are you kidding me? This is FANTASTIC!!! You’re little girl must’ve been thrilled and to have seen the excitement on her face must’ve been worth all the long hours of work you put into it. Really WELL DONE! And the pictures are amazing! (Love the tiny bum πŸ™‚ You can be really proud!

  17. Wow Annie!
    What a blast this must have been for all involved! There is nothing better then seeing your children’s excitement! The createivness is just amazing!!!

  18. Gail McDonald says:

    The pictures are awesome and the party looked amazing! You did a wonderful job and I’m sure Miss Addie will remember this for the rest of her life! Great job!

  19. Oh Annie!!! Absolutely adorable!!!! Makes me want to be a kid again….your kid!! lol. Thank you so much for sharing a moment with us.

  20. OMG, you and your family have the best life ever! Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative mommy! The photos are Awesome, I am sure she will never forget this party, and not just because you documented it so beautifully! Great job!!

  21. Awesome! That has to be the coolest kid party ever!!! You really rocked it!

  22. Fabulous photos Annie. Addie is such a great mixture of you both that’s unbeliveable. Sometimes I’m looking at the pics and thinking Oh Gosh she looks just like her mother and there are other times when I’m astonished how much she looks like her dad. So funny, it’s all in the face expression and eyes. You guys rock,seriously ROCK! Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.
    And BTW The Junebug sweetie has a rock&roll bum πŸ˜‰
    Love to you all xxx

  23. brilliant! how fun… so putting that on my to -do list

  24. Janie Pollard says:

    Ha! There is always one jealous person in the bunch! Don’t even give it a second thought……Annie,you are so creative! What a fabulous party! I love to go all out for my kids too because its our ONE time a year our whole family can just let go and have fun.I believe if you work hard then you can play hard too.. πŸ™‚ Kids are only little for such a short time so rock πŸ™‚

  25. Not sure I would do that theme for a 6-year-old, but you guys sure went all out! So creative!

    • Thanks for the complement on creativity. About the theme for a six year old – hmmm … while I realize it may not be for everyone, the party was for a little girl that absolutely adores music. She actually requested the rock themed party herself. We have many friends in the music industry and who are musicians themselves (half the band are close friends of ours). She loves dance, music and art. Her mommy and daddy and all her friends also love music and everything creative … so it was a natural pick for her to have a party celebrating those loves. We are pretty particular about what our kiddos play with, we don’t have a TV in the house and watch very carefully about what influences are around her. We let her choose her own interests and hobbies (which tend to be more pirates and rock than princess and dress up), she’s encouraged to celebrate her own unique talents and creativity, and she has no concept of many of the questionable “role models” being marketed to young girls today. So, I’ll just say again, to each her own … but I really do wonder what there is to question about a generic themed rock party to celebrate music and having silly kid appropriate fun. πŸ™‚

      • I didn’t mean that in an offensive way at all, and I completely understand that if you guys love music than a rock theme is a great idea! I guess the only slight thing that bothered me was the “punk” on a 6-year-old, but you guys seem like great parents who really care about there kids, so there’s really no harm in things like that once in a while. Again, that party is definitely more than I could have pulled off- you should be a party planner too!

  26. Thank you for sharing these with us! You never cease to amaze me! This party is awesome… you better watch out or you are going to find yourself having another job as a party planner! πŸ™‚

  27. Annie, can you tell me which lens you used for the party? Thanks!!

  28. Annie, you are so creative, you could probably go into business as a party planner too! I just love this party theme and cannot wait for my daughter to be old enough for a birthday party like this! Addie makes the most perfect little punk rocker, right down to her rock face! I love that you and hubby also got into dressing up, what great parents you both must be! Your images show so much fun and love in them, YOU ROCK!

  29. Do you sleep?! How do you find the time?! Just priceless – the pictures are treasures!

  30. OH MY WORD!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! I wish I could plan a party this fabulous =) Your girls and hubby are so lucky to have you. You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing your family with us everyday Annie. You ROCK!!!

  31. You have taken home “mommy of the year” award! What a brilliant birthday party theme. These memories you all share stand right next to the word “priceless”. Fabulous work, Annie and friends!

  32. Dear Annie,

    your daughters ( and hubby of course) are so so so lucky to have you. This birthday party looks beyond amazing!!!! My mind is blown away by the creativity, design and hard work you put for this birthday. You will always inspire me, and many others I am sure! You truly deserve a medal !!! Congratulations and to many many many more happy birthdays!

  33. Holy mackrel! What an epic party! I guess I need to step it up with my 6-year-old son this year. πŸ™‚

  34. Annie love, you hit the nail on the head. To each his own. The world would be so much more peaceful if people would only practice some tolerance, a “live and let live” philosophy and quit playing judge. I came out of that (due to my upbringing) and ever so thankful that I am free to be me!

    You are PURE “awesome sauce” girl and I will say this – neither one of your daughters is ever going to feel unloved or not accepted for who they are. Talk about some amazingly healthy self-esteems! WOW! You fulfilled the desires of Addie’s heart! Can it get any better than that? And, you included the most important people in her life, family AND friends!

    Is not our childhood a training ground of sorts for who we are to become as adults and prospective parents? If parents would spend more time allowing their children to be themselves (of course, we all need some guidelines;)and quit trying to mold them into mini-mes, we would certainly have fewer people with identity crises mid-life because our own thoughts, imaginations and desires have been stifled and/or jaded.

    Oops. Sorry. I got on my soap box, didn’t I? I digress. I’ve stepped off.

    Love you girlie and your precious, wonderfully amazingly and delightfully talented, creative and entertaining family that always put a HUGE smile on my face and laughter in my heart! Just as it should be!

    Y’all ROCK! “Punk” rock that is! XOXO

  35. You are amazing! Very cool party and photos!

  36. THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE BEST PARTY EVER AND SOME REALLY AMAZING SHOTS! YOU TRULY KNOW HOW TO CAPTURE THE MOMENT!!!!! I am really still learning the art of photography and I am in AWE of your work! Would it be too much to ask what you shoot with, what lens you were using, and you considered “simple lighting” for this event? I find myself being asked to do parties, but I don’t necessarily like using flash, but because I am shooting with a NIkon D7000 boosting my ISO to 2500 causes so much NOISE (I hate it)! Could you maybe offer some tips on this? I would greatly appreciate it!

  37. Kimberly Crofoot says:

    AWESOME PHOTOS!!!!! And definitely for an awesome, fun party! LOVE the pic of my baby! πŸ™‚

  38. This totally Rocks! Best little girl party and photo shoot!!

  39. Wow, I am speechless! What an amazing memory for Adeline to treasure forever!

    Absolutely wonderful πŸ™‚

  40. I think you are so awesome and I don’t understand how people can be nasty towards a mother and business woman who obviously gives her family 200% of herself! I was sad to hear you had to remove bad comments. This is personal as well as your business and there is a comment etiquette that we should all follow and its pretty common sense…if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Thank you soooo much for sharing all you do!! πŸ™‚

  41. Annie, don’t let anyone get you down. The internet is full of jealous ‘trolls’ as they are called and they are looking to annoy. Don’t let ’em get to you! This was an awesome party, a memory Addie will have forever and I’m sure everyone in attendance had a blast!

  42. Keri Dagostino says:

    I know that you received some negative comments regarding this post. I just wanted to let you know that my heart was so warmed by this post. All I saw here was a wonderful creative Mama that wanted to give her Daughter a one of kind experience. That is not spoiling a child, that is LOVE!!! These pictures showed so much emotion and the delight in your Daughter’s eyes to me is PRICELESS!!! You have a beautiful family. Enjoy these moments. It goes by too fast!

  43. Hi Annie,

    I looked at Addie’s rock party both yest & today & can not believe you’ve had nasty comments about it!!! I think you’ll find those are just jealous people with no imagination!
    As always fantastic images!! Your so inspirational & if others were as generous as you in all their endeavours the world would be a much better place!

    Smiles across the miles

    <3 Ashleigh – UK

  44. jeanna newalu says:

    I am in shock of how creative you are.please adopt me!!!

  45. Ellie meachem says:

    Rant alert! I dont normally post but i do follow your posts for the smile factor so here goes….
    Having just read this post I was sat in total admiration & awe! I was totally thinking… Seriously this lady needs to go into party planning!!!Β 
    The party looked absolutely fantastic and the kids looked like they couldn’t have partied any harder lol…The smiles, the laughter, the ecstatic mood that radiates off the photos… then I read your last statement!
    Not once throughout your post did I consider money in any of it!!?? I mean why would you??!!
    You stated not a lot of money was spent a few times at the end like you felt the need to justify it… SO WHAT IF YOU SPENT IT OR NOT!?! Lady you truly are a major inspiration both in photography and the person you are.. I am actually saddened that people would criticise you for giving your girls an awesome day to remember! You can see from the photos & the gushing status’s about those 2little ladies that you post, that those girls are in no way ‘spoilt’ with anything other than love yet want for nothing! Your posts amaze me every day and I am angry that you had to be subjected to nasty comments!
    Β I for one as im sure many others are too am thankful for each post you make, you inspire me daily and so wish I could have someone like you around me.. I smile every time I read your posts!
    You stick to your guns lady and don’t let anyone tell you that you or your beautiful family are anything less than amazing! Rant over hehe.. Big love Annie xx

  46. Can’t believe some wouldn’t like this!! I am sure you all had a great time-I was never much of a “Punk Rocker”-but what fun!! Great you could also help out a good cause while making your girls birthday party a great success-great pictures-thanks for sharing!!

  47. WOW!!! That is awesome and I am sure will leave memories for life with your gorgeous daughter and all your family. Ignore the nasty comments and take pride in what you have achieved! I love the idea and may even incorporate it into my daughters next birthday (shes NOT spoilt either LOL)! GO YOU!

  48. This is a hoot! Looks like a lot of fun was had by all.

  49. You bring a smile to my face whenever I visit your site. My girls were 3 and 8 when we lost their dad, but before that our families shared a lot of similarities. I often play the “I wonder if” game, and live vicariously through your photos. The one thing I have learned is that we do not know what tomorrow holds, so we must live each day and rock it out to the fullest!!!

  50. This is AMAZING and before you know it, these pics will be on Pinterest when people search for a rock star party! I can’t believe anyone would post negative comments…they must be jealous! What a FUN night for your girl and all her friends. πŸ™‚

  51. Annie! You’re amazing and your creative skills are amazing! I have a six year old to and I know he would have totally loved to be a punk rock superstar for his birthday! You go girl!

  52. Annie, please please do not take into considaration what some people say. They are just sad creatures with no imagination. I wish I were myself so creative and talented mom as you are. You are so wonderful person and so great family! You are inspiration to many people! Thank you.

  53. I have loved looking at your pictures, what an awesome party! I had to show my husband when he got home from work as I just didn’t have the words to describe it! I think you are very talented and I love your website and your photos. Hubby and I are disgusted that you recieved negative comments, unfortunately there are some twisted people out there! But what you do brings happiness to many! So keep it up and keep being an amazing mum! Your girls are very lucky!

  54. Um…. You are sweet for sharing the “how” explanation, but it truly is not necessary!! Clearly, Addie is one of your best friends & a mature 6 year old who will remember this party & mommy effort. Who cares if you DID “overspend?” we all spend $ on things that are important to us…some people it’s a trip to Belize without their kids, a $500 per month car payment, a flat screen tv, 15 trips to TJ max per month, a motorcycle…or in your case some memories withyour best friend & some creative release πŸ™‚ you “rock” and are using your gifts God gave you to make others feel special. Great job on it all, even the gracious responses. πŸ™‚ xo

  55. LOVE!!!! Can’t say much more than that! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  56. Oh girl I cannot believe people have the nerve to voice an opinion of what type of party or even how much you spent on your own child. That person obviously wasn’t a parent maybe? Because as a mother of 4….we do EVERYTHING we possibly can to make them enjoy life to the fullest. I applaud you for being such a close family. The love you show daily for your family is awesome!

  57. Looks like so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Awesome party theme, it looks like a great time was had by all, especially the birthday girl. So many creative ideas, too – thanks so much for sharing them. The ice cream cone cupcake microphones are a so cute. I am disappointed to hear that some sourpusses felt they had to put their two cents in. Pay them no mind. Your daughter is going to have a lifetime of happy memories of this event and that is all that matters.

  59. Angie Stevens says:

    Annie….you girl are a ROCK STAR mom for throwing an awesome party. We as mothers want nothing but for our children to be children! Let’s let them have a wonderful imagination and PLAY. I commend you for going ALL out and making Addie’s birthday something very special for HER. You can see the light in her eyes(and I’m not just talking about catch lights!). I didn’t see the negative comments(can’t image anyone would find anything negative to say)but I say ROCK ON and keep on keeping on! πŸ™‚

  60. I don’t understand why there would be any negative comments against this post other than pure jealousy. This post has been an inspiration for our sons fourth birthday party who loves nothing more than to ‘rock out’ all day long.

  61. Love it! You are amazing – I can tell you put a lot of heart and time into it!

  62. What an incredible party! You did an amazing job! And I can’t believe you are getting mean comments! People need to mind their own business!

  63. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Love it all! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can;t believe there was any negativity from sharing that! What a GREAT birthday party!! So special!

  64. becca dickerman says:

    wow!! these pics are AMAZING and id love to get pics like this done of my kids!! the party looked awesome too, i cant believe someone would make hateful comments, but the haters gonna hate!

  65. Maureen Larnard says:

    Cutest party I have ever seen!! I also did elaborate parties for my children that did not cost much. A little creativity goes a long way and my kids have wonderful memories!!

  66. It makes me sad that you’ve had to defend yourself at the end of this post. This was amazing!!!!! Who is anyone else to tell you that anything you do with *your* time, *your* money and *your* love of *your* family should be something different. I’m seriously in awe of your talent. I only hope to have something as incredible as this for my kids someday πŸ™‚ I think you’re just great and, from following you for a little while now, a truly amazing mother. Rock on sista πŸ˜‰

  67. These are absolutely amazing!!!! I wish I could be this creative! I love how you captured all the details as well! you rock! πŸ™‚

  68. I think the party looked so awesome! I am a crafty person too, so you save tons when you do things yourself. I am a 41 year old metal head. I also like punk. I love it when kids are different, even for one day. Thank you for sharing the great pictures.

  69. Who would seriously take time to write ugly comments on paint the moons blog. If you don’t like what is put up here and you read or look at the posts then just be respectful and don’t comment at all!! Don’t discourage the author because she does so much for her fans and Alot of us adore this blog and love the beautiful art we see here. I absolutely loved the party theme and as a mother myself I definitely would do something like this for my daughter. You are amazing Annie and a fantastic mother/photographer/Party planner. But I’m sure you already knew that =). Look forward to your next post.

  70. Cheri Jackson says:

    Oh my gosh….I can’t believe people have left nasty comments….the word “jealousy” comes to mind! I have never got the impression that your girls are spoilt & if even if they were – it would be none of our business!!! I think that you’re family is wonderful & you are a fantastic mummy & daddy. The party looked amazing & the pictures, as always, are fabulous. A belated happy birthday to Adeline & keep up the amazing work mummy! xxx

  71. So disappointing that you received negative comments!! Very! I’m just here to say wow, and I’m envious of your creativity and skill! I always love to see what you’ve done, you just amaze me πŸ™‚
    Happy Birthday Addie…and wow, how you fit this stuff in is beyond me…I have to say that Miss M just loves to get down and rock doesn’t she? πŸ™‚ gorgeous!

  72. Your creativity is amazing! What an awesome party. Who cares what others think! πŸ™‚ You live your life and love your family, that’s it!

    I loved looking at each and every photo.

    Thanks for sharing!

  73. Hate that you even had nasty comments! You threw an awesome birthday bash utilizing your talents! I loved the theme- good job Momma!

  74. I know I’m 51 but……. will you be my mommy? <3 the inventiveness of this. GO GIRL!!!!

  75. I just wish I was this creative Annie lol. I think I’ve come back and looked at the pictures about 10 times now…each time I see something the cake stands made from records – how very cool! It’s clear from the photos that this party was a party for EVERYONE, not just Addie, and EVERYONE looked like they just loved it. The look on those children’s faces up on the stage playing their blow up guitars is priceless. Ignore the negative people Annie, you shouldn’t have to defend yourself to anyone when it comes to what you do for your friends and family. A wonderful party and wonderful photos!

  76. Oh my goodness Annie! You are so talented in so many ways! What a fun fun party and this pictures are awesome. You made some wonderful lifelong memories at this party. Looks like everyone, young and old had a blast!

  77. Oh how I adore an love this!! Just wish I saw it a couple weeks ago when I was party planning! My daughter is named Hendrix and would have loved a rock star party! Bravo! Well done! Will have to borrow this idea for next year!!

  78. OMG… I absolutely LOVE this party!!!! My nieces would have been so floored if I had given them something like this… THEY LOVE music and this would have been the party of a lifetime. Thanks Annie for sharing your life and your creativity with this world! AWESOME JOB!!!

  79. Annie – this party looks amazing and like an absolute blast!!! It’s very sad that you had to explain yourself to some individuals who apparently had nothing better to do than bash someone’s brilliant party planning and graphic design ability, not to mention how much love obviously went into the planning! Rock on!!!!

  80. Love the party theme. I love to throw our kids fun, but creative parties. Some of the best parties are not a lot of money spent, but the inexpensive creativity that goes into the theme. This was a great theme. Hope she had a wonderful party and enjoys being a year older!

  81. I think you guys are amazing parents!! You’re girls are so very loved and blessed. You inspire me with your photography and creativity. I’m using some of your party ideas for my own little Adeline. πŸ™‚ People who leave nasty comments are people who are always on the lookout for ways to be small and petty, because they are not content with their own lives.

  82. So much fun Annie

  83. Annie you did an amazing job with her party! She is lucky to have such an amazing mom. I don’t know where you find the time and energy to do all that you do! You truly are an inspiration πŸ™‚

  84. LOVE this party idea and all of the awesome details! I LIVE for the details. πŸ™‚ These are the parties they’ll remember for a life time! Reading your note at the bottom of this entry made me a little glad the internet wasn’t around when I turned 6…who knows what people would have thought about my mom giving me a Daisy themed Dukes of Hazzard party equipped with short shorts, makeup, and pretending to ride (our bikes) with Bo and Luke. Out of all of my parties…that was my favorite! πŸ™‚ Keep up the creativity and fun, please!!! Love living vicariously through you and your family! πŸ™‚

  85. I just love love love this whole party and photos. Look at the little peoples faces -says everything. What alot of love, thought and hard work has been put into what is a party little Adeline will never forget. Well done xx And Happy Birthday little Rockstar xx

  86. Terina Matthews says:

    How awesome for your little girl to get such a great surprise! I think my teenage boys would even love something like this…haha Love all the detail! Something I am sure she will never forget. Thanks so much for sharing…as always love your work πŸ™‚

  87. LOVE the party photos! THAT is GREAT-right up my alley with designing and creating a fun party…don’t understand the negative comments – be quiet if you can’t say something nice I say! Shouldn’t have to explain yourself for doing anything that makes you and your family happy…ROCK ON, ANNIE! πŸ™‚

  88. We did the same type of party for our daughter when she turned six. Skull and crossbones cake, bounce house, fashion show all the kids came dressed as rock stars and it was a blast! It is so funny that anybody would get crazy about something like that. Makes me wonder if some of the mom’s thought I was crazy too! It was blast and if we could have had a live band there you bet we would have too!! Rock on!

  89. Too fabulous for words!! This is just great – I love the costuming, outfits and can certainly see how you would have had so much fun organising all this. My little poppet is only 2, but I am now inspired to make her parties in the future fun, fun, fun.
    I think Addie & Miss M definitely have an inner rock-star! πŸ˜€

  90. Love love love the party, and whoever is telling you that you spoiled your kid and spent a ton of money. even if you didn’t its your right who cares! I would do it for my kids too!

  91. Christine Hamrick says:

    You have so many talents – now party planner! Incredible, swoon-worthy party that any little girl would LOVE. Sure it’s over-the-top, but why not? You only turn 6 once πŸ™‚ Fab, fab, fab!

  92. You know who rocks? Annie Manning rocks! Anyone who says other wise is just plain crazy. You’re creativity is an inspiration to me! It looks like it was a fabulous party!

  93. Teresa Murphy says:

    Hi Annie,

    First of all, what awesome photos!!!! I absolutely love them and it looks like a fabulous time was had by all!! You are so right – you are completely entitled to do what you like. I cannot believe you received nasty comments about this party. You are a wonderful Mom and an inspiration to everyone:) xoxo

  94. Great job, what amazing detail you put into everything:) I loved the lemonade jars :). I was reading the comments and the one about something like “I can see rock but not the ‘punk’ part” or something like that…. My thought is you have no idea and have never talked to a “punk”. I find people like that to be offensive. I hope YOUR children don’t grow upto be as close minded as you have become. There are bad apples in every circle and group, my son has had his Mohawk his whole life, he can keep it or change it, but who cares? I would imagine this lady would, my son is also 6 years old, plays drums and started his band called Spider Eats Eye. He is also in science school at the top of his class excels I mathematics and reading, and has a lot of friends, accepts anyone for who they are, not what they look like. Grab a brain.
    Sorry to bitch but some people’s kids.
    I love what you did, what an amazing experience! You can tell it wasn’t bought but rather a LOT of hard work was put into it.

  95. I can’t believe people took the time to say nasty things. All I can say is…haters gonna hate. The party rocked, and you inspire me to step it up a little for my kids’ birthday parties. Thanks for sharing!

  96. Your family looks precious! I think the hard work you did for your family is wonderful!

  97. These shots are great!! I will be shooting a party in a dark ballroom next week and I was wondering what settings you used on your camera when you were taking pics of the kids dancing and moving around? Thank you for all your wonderful insight and inspiration Annie!!

  98. amazing party! I kept thinking I wish I were there! I can’t believe people leaving negative comments – WhatEver! what ever happen to, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything” At first I thought you had just done a photo shoot but then realized it was a party! Happy bday to your little one, they are both darling. Thanks for all the inspiring photos… got any ideas for a little boy turning 10 this summer ;D

  99. I am planning a rock star party for my baby girl who is turning 5 next week and stumbled upon your site. Love the pics and ideas, thank you for sharing! When I saw your comments at the bottom it made me so sad that you had to defend your post. If people don’t like what you post on your own blog then they don’t have to visit anymore. That’s so stupid. Anyway, rock on sister, and keep the creativity flowin. I’m gonna have to explore the rest of your site just to wake up my own creativity!

  100. I think what you did was absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!! I drooled over every image & could only think happy thoughts. What an amazing memory you have created for not only your girl & your family but her friends too. I couldn’t believe when I read down the bottom that you received negative comments. What the!!! Maybe they let the little JEALOUS monster get the better of them & they couldn’t help but put their 2 cents in. Just haters with nothing better to do so you keep doing what you do best & I say “Keep on rockin in the free world!” xx

  101. Im blown away that anyone would have something negative to say! Jealousy is never flattering, people! Love everything you do!

  102. This is the.coolest.thing I have EVER seen! My daughter is nearly 3 years old, but boy, when she’s old enough I hope to throw something just as rad as this amazing party! And your shots are, as always, perfect. πŸ™‚

    And haters be damned. You and you’re family rock, and I see it as a privilege that you share these sorts of things with the internet world. So those snobby snobs can go…you know what. πŸ˜‰

    Yep. This post is fantastically awesome…loved it so much!

  103. Your photos are amazing, Annie! What a cool party!!!

  104. I honestly think this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! I’m sorry that anyone had anything negative to say about it because, honestly, what does it matter to them!? You were able to give your daughter and your family and friends memories that they will cherish forever. I wish I could have gone! Haha!

  105. This party ROCKS!! From the make-up to the record cake stands – everything was amazing! My daughter is going to be three and I can’t wait to give her a rocker party. It’s unreal that people actually made negative comments. What happened to “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”? Poo Poo on them! Continue doing what your doing! And I can’t wait to see what you come up with for Miss Eliza’s birthday! Love it! God Bless your beautiful family!

  106. You are THE BEST mom ever! This party looks fabulous and oh so much fun! You are a true inspiration. Thanks for sharing your awesome work as a photographer, graphic designer and most importantly a Mom who wants the very best for her children. If you can do it, why not??? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

  107. marzenka [sussiem] says:

    Oh Annie I don’t know why people are so dumb. When I see a lot of creativity and hard work organizing the whole party and keep it secret they see what shouldn’t be their bussiness. As long as they don’t pay your bills they mat butt off. And I have to say what I think from the first sec I saw this post. I’m so terribly yealous You’re not my mom πŸ˜‰ So creative and full of wonderful ideas. Your party trem? gave me some cool idea for your birthday party.

  108. This looks like so much fun and the images are so amazing!! Makes me wish I had an invite! My 9 year old loves the photos, said they are so cool and wants to have a bday like this one of these years!! Most importantly, Ms. Addie looks like she had a rockin’ blast:)

  109. That is the COOLEST idea ever, and I only wish I could be that creative to come up with it and have it be so visually stunning! I am shocked you received negativity, but I suppose not everyone will agree. However if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! πŸ˜‰

  110. Crystal Fernandez says:

    Awesome!!! Loved all the details! What a fantastic party!

  111. I loved this party! You are an amazing photographer, mom, and party designer! I stumbled across your site from a FB ad and am now a blog follower. I love your style of photography. And I can totally relate to the negative comments that you referred to. Last year, when my daughter turned 3, I threw her a completely appropriate “Princess Party” like a million other moms for daughters that age. I enjoyed every second planning every last tiny detail. People told me I was going to train her to want something bigger and better every year and that I better be careful and watch myself. This is such silly logic in the grand scheme of life. Enjoy every moment, make the most of every opportunity, and do everything 100%. It looks like that’s exactly what you do! Beautiful party and beautiful family!

  112. Hey annie, this is my first time commenting and how could I NOT comment on this amazing post. YOu are such a rockstar mom and photographer and obviously your daughters are too!! So naturally this party theme would be so fitting. I completely appreciate all your tutorials and have learned so much from each one, dear teacher. Thank you thank you and keep them coming!!

  113. Annie, I absolutely adored this idea!!!! So sorry you have had bad comments:( I am going to do my own version for my daughters 6th birthday. She is also very into music, has her own electric guitar and my sister has a band…a Christian Rock band! So it works out perfect! lol! Thank you so much for the inspiration! I think you are amazingly talented and love seeing everything you post!
    Much love from Texas…Rachel

  114. I bow to the queen of Tour planning πŸ™‚ So many great details and I love love love the family photos.

  115. Just gobsmacked at your creativity, seriously Annie. So delighted I got to see these and have an inkling of what goes on in your life behind the scenes.

  116. AMAZING party I thought all the details were perfect! One question where did you find those AWSOME ice cream cones on the cupcake microphones?! I would love to find them πŸ™‚ Thank you!!!

    • Thank you! I made them! πŸ™‚ Super easy with paint on edible metallic paint on ice cream cones (it’s made for airbrushing cakes, etc, but I just used a paint brush) … then the tops were chocolate cupcakes, smothered in chocolate frosting and rolled in chocolate sprinkles. I stuck a bit of frosting to the bottom of the cupcake to help keep them inside the cones. πŸ™‚

  117. FANTASTIC JOB!!!!! What amazing ideas! and Creativity. I am planning my son’s 1st birthday which happens to be Rockstar theme as is his room aswell. And like you i’ve been trying to keep it low cost and put some creativity into it. I stumbled across your page as i was looking for “rockstar” themed candy ideas.. but I Love your microphone idea.
    Keep up the creative gift you were blessed with πŸ™‚

  118. This is amazing! I think it is awesome to show your child how special they are and how glad you are that they were born with a great party. Also, thank you so much for sharing so I could get great ideas for my daughter’s birthday party.

  119. I loved this and was so excited when my little man asked for a rock star party this year! Thanks for the oodles of inspiration!!!

  120. I would like to know where you got the QR codes and how you linked them to your website. I enjoy being crafty and putting time into my son’s birthday parties (This year I even created an Old West Town out of Cardboard boxes for his 2nd birthday πŸ˜‰ ) . I LOVE the party idea. I don’t think the rock theme is for us but you did an AWESOME job with it all!

  121. I know this blog is super old, but I wanted to say what an amazing inspiration your blog has been for planning my son’s 5th birthday party! He has requested a “Green Day Punk Rock N Roll Party”, which I am in the midst of planning. Such amazing ideas, and it looks like your adorable girl had a blast. Who cares about the haters, your girl looks like she had a ball! Can’t wait to use your some of your inspiration in planning our party!

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