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Photoshop Actions | Picture Perfect Portrait Mega Set – Bigger and Better!

Photoshop Actions Retouching Portraits for Photographers Vintage Eyes Enhance Elements

Photoshop Actions Retouching Portraits for Photographers Vintage Eyes Enhance Elements

Buy the Picture Perfect mega set for portrait photography to bring out a natural beauty and make all your photos shine!


For Photoshop CS2 and up (including Creative Cloud)

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For Photoshop Elements 6 and up

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The set now includes over 70 professional, time saving actions including the two “All In One” mega actions – “All Together Now (Workflow Edit)” and the “Perfect Portrait (Retouching Edit).” From retouching (skin, eyes, teeth, etc) and color corrections to workflow foundations (contrast, clarity, color pop, exposure fixes, etc.) and artistic styles – we’ve got you covered! This is the perfect set for the foundation of your processing arsenal. And Photoshop users will delight in being able to batch process to speed through your workflow quick and efficiently! This is seriously an amazing set and fabulous value.

In the mean time, make sure to check out the brand new Picture Perfect Mega set video above which demonstrates the new All Together Now action being used. There is a specific video showing how to batch process in Photoshop using this set as well.

Photoshop Actions Retouching Portraits for Photographers Vintage Eyes Enhance Elements

Photoshop Actions Retouching Portraits for Photographers Vintage Eyes Enhance Elements

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24 thoughts on “Photoshop Actions | Picture Perfect Portrait Mega Set – Bigger and Better!

  1. So excited! Can’t wait.

  2. AWESOME news! This set of actions is already fantastic and my go to set when photo editing. I can’t imagine how you could have improved on its fabulousness, but can’t wait to see the upgrade.

    For anyone that doesn’t own this set – get it! You will love it!

  3. Annie thank you so much. Sending out free upgrades. Wow! Your customer service is outstanding. Your products are amazing & you are truely awesome!

    • Sounds fantastic,so does this mean since iv already purchased Picture perfect,to recieve the free upgrade will i just wait 4 a inbox with a link.Thanku so much Annie 4 free upgrades,you a truelly so amazing =)

  4. Um. What can I say? That is absolutely incredible Annie. This set is my all time fav & go to collection. I am so very pleased to know that you will be sending us lucky folks who already own it the upgrades! Thank you, Thank you. Simply cannot wait.

  5. I’m so excited! I love this set! I use it on every photo! 🙂

  6. WOW!! Love it, I cannot wait!! You must hear this over and over, but your work is exceptional!

  7. hi Paint The moon. I still have not received free upgrades from picture perfect potrait mega set. please check again.

    • Hi, Lee!
      It should be there soon … I can’t say exactly how soon yet. I think many people missed the part in the blog post that mentioned the updates rolling out to everyone over the next two weeks. 😉 It’s a huge job because I actually have to do a lot of the orders individually, but I’m going as fast as I can! 🙂

  8. Oh wow! I can’t wait! This is my top set! Thanks so much!

  9. Annie this is what makes you stand out from the rest. Thanks so much for all that you have done so far, your tutorials, actions and everything that you do have helped me grow as the photographer that I am today. MWAH!

  10. SO exciting! Your actions are my favorites and I use them daily!

  11. Yippy, skippy! I’m just about to put together a “52 weeks of Thomas” for my son’s first birthday and now I can do them with brand new actions! Thanks, Annie. The free upgrades is so generous and no surprise coming from you – you are such a generous spirit!

  12. Jenilee Bernardini says:

    Can’t wait for the Update!

  13. Oh…I so want this set…It’s just too expensive for me. Guess I’ll have to save up for it!

  14. Kerrena MacFarlane says:

    I am so excited about the updates to the Picture Perfect set as it’s my absolute favourite! Are upgrades being sent out automatically or do we have to email in to receive them?

  15. Just saw this… How very cool! Thank you Annie! I haven’t used the purchase email in a while so it was shut off temporarily. I hope I didn’t miss it… If so, that’s what I get for not keeping up lately, huh? 🙂 LOL!
    Thanks again Annie. Love your work and your actions!

  16. Lori Waddell says:

    Thank you so much and can’t wait to receive the upgrade!! ( I was confused earlier as to why I did not have All Together Now in the set I purchased). I will tell you I use your actions on all of my photos and are just in love with them!! Amazing!

  17. I use the Miracle Makeover for PSE on nearly everything. Can you tell me how much replication there will be between the sets?

  18. I didn’t receive an upgrade…..and I own Picture Perfect for PSE.

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