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Get Your Giggle On | Children's Photography Tips | Photoshop Actions Paint the Moon

Smile! Look at the camera! Give me your serious face now. Say cheese (please tell me none of you actually use this one!)!!

I don’t know about you, but I personally think there is nothing more inspiring and smile inducing than a child in their own element. I love natural shots of kids giggling, being silly, having fun, being a KID. Don’t get me wrong, I have taken my share of the “oh so serious” and pretty shots … and they do have their place as well. But none of those images compare to the ones I have of my daughters giggling and being their goofy selves. Those are the memories I really cherish … the ones that capture their personality and record that innocence and carefree nature that only a child can embody. When showing clients images of their children, inevitably it’s the images that captured the true emotion that get parents’ own emotions flowing. Those are the photos that get the, “Ohhs and Ahhs” and the “That is SO her/him!!” comments. So, go get your giggle on!!

If you doubt how giggle inducing kiddos being silly can be check out this awful quality little video of my four month old giggling at her big sis. And forgive the messy house!

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7 thoughts on “Get Your Giggle On | Children's Photography Tips | Photoshop Actions Paint the Moon

  1. This is so true! Ok, so I’m strictly amateur when it comes to my photos, but I’ve never taken a ‘staged’ shot of my son in my life…and everyone always comments on his personality in the photos which to me is the biggest compliment they could give! Great shots you have here! xx

  2. I love when the kids are silly posing without me telling them how to do so. And your little baby is just so cute on the video!! 🙂 My most faved pics from the above collage are the very first one and the 6th one with the blue wall. 🙂

  3. I have found that the Donald Duck sneeze that I perfected in high school has finally paid off and my audience appreciates it. I usually get the kids AND the parents laughing at that one.

  4. I totally the photos of my grandkids when they are being goofy! Your video of the children is adorable but I have to ask..where is the mess? I must have missed it…lol

  5. I <3 the photo of your daughter doing the two thumbs up! So cute!

  6. I agree!!!!… I love the photos of my kids when they are the goofiest and siliest at all! I took one and have a big canvas and yes it is the seller! I got to love when the one when they stick their tonge out! Thanks for sharing annie.

  7. I got to agree with this. Love all the shots! thanks for the good tips.

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