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Picture Perfect Set

Includes 70 Retouching Actions

Ultimate portrait retouching action set for creamy, smooth skin and perfect tones. Includes beautiful, powerful All-In-One makeover actions plus workflow actions for clean, sharp photos. Whether you’re a  newborn, children, family, portrait, maternity or wedding photographer, this comprehensive set of Photoshop actions is the only set you will need to help you make all your images shine to their fullest potential and with the least amount of work.

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Picture Perfect Set


Picture Perfect Set

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About Picture Perfect Set

The ultimate action set for portrait photography of all types including over 70 amazing actions! Retouching tools for all skin tones including skin smoothing and portrait enhancements to pop facial details while retaining a fresh, natural look. Picture Perfect is a multifaceted portrait action set. From color perfecting and creating creamy, smooth skin to adding depth, richness and color pops, a sampling of artistic actions and a wide array of essential helper actions for the perfect finishing touch. Includes a version of the set designed for batch processing in Photoshop to speed up your workflow even more!

Be sure to view the amazing transformations in the before and example gallery below!

Product Details

Photoshop CS2-CS6, CC and Photoshop Elements 6 - 2021

Photoshop and Elements Compatible

Photoshop CS2-CS6, CC and Photoshop Elements 6 - 2021

Works perfectly with both Mac or PC operating systems

Mac and PC Compatible

Works perfectly with both Mac or PC operating systems

See results quickly and easily within minutes

Instant Download and Simple Installation

See results quickly and easily within minutes

Color Correctors

Creamy Skin Brightener

Rich Detail Skin Brightener

Banish the Yellow

Banish the Red

Banish the Red Subtle

Banish the Red/Orange Blotchies

Banish the Magenta

Banish the Green

Banish the Blues

Banish the Cyan

Banish the Cyan Warm Up

Banish the Cyan For Skin

Warm Me Back Up

Quickie Cast Remover

All-in-One Workflow

All Together Now (Clean)

All Together Now (Clean – Deeper)

All Together Now (Vintage)

All Together Now (Urban)

All Together Now (Velvet Retro)

Skin, Eye & Hair Retouchers

Perfect Portrait (formerly Minute Makeover)

Creamy and Smooth Skin

Naturally Perfect Skin

Baby Powder

Vivid Eyes

Hair and Eye Highlighter

Artistic Touches

Velvet Retro


Sweet Prairie (Vintage)

Pure Color Snap

Peach Fuzz

Paint on Color Pops

Paint on Color Pops Richer

Quick & Simple Color Pop

Selective Focus

City Sidewalk BW

Silver Screen Goddess BW


Healthy Glow

Creamy Haze

Natural Vignette

Soft Burnt Edges

Soft Center Spotlight

Rich Spotlight and Vignette

Essential Details and Enhancers

On Edge

Let’s Be Clear

Bring Back Highlights

Brighten Shadows

Brighten Shadows

Midtone Booster

Instant Reflector

Sharpening & Resizers

A Little Light and Pop

Paint With Light

Paint With Light and Pop

A Little Zing

Brighten and Tone

Perfect Contrast

Add Some Contrast

Razor Sharp for Print

Sharpen Perfection

Resize and Sharp for Web or Facebook (7 Versions)

Helping Hands

Keyline Border (3)

Make Layer Mask

Create Snapshot

Flatten Image

Tips & Tutorials

Action Installation, Troubleshooting and Tips Guide Picture Perfect Guide Book


See Picture Perfect Set in Action

Newborn Photography Processing In Photoshop and Elements

Photoshop Retouching and All In One Makeover Edits - Bridal

Customer Reviews for Picture Perfect Set

“I purchased the Picture Perfect Mega Set with limited knowledge of Photoshop. I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with your actions! Thank you for making your product user friendly for those of us who do not have a lot of experience. Your actions make my photos look beautiful without a lot of fuss and most importantly, without spending a lot of time. This means I get to spend this saved time with my kids.” – Jenni Miller

OMGoodness!!! I just used your actions and I am in LOVE!! I have been using actions from other companies, but they do not even begin to compare to Paint the Moon’s!! I love, love, love your actions and I will be back VERY soon!! I am so excited! Thanks so much for sharing your actions with us “Photoshop babes.” DID I SAY I WAS IN LOVE!? – Jeren Jarrell

“Best money I ever spent on my business! This will save me hours! Thank you!” – Heidi Houser

LOVE LOVE LOVE ….. Picture Perfect. Used it for the first time TODAY! A million ‘thank-you’s for sharing your talent 🙂 – Jane G.


After using the Reverie set I decided to purchase the Picture Perfect set and I am amazed!! I really think this is going to take my business to the next level. Thank you so much! I’m definitely a return customer!!! – Valerie Sherrill

I only recently started editing photos and just purchased Picture Perfect and Grace. I am so glad I found Paint the Moon Actions. They are so simple to use and I just love how my photos came out!❤❤❤ Thanks Annie! – Jennifer Mills Jamison


The Picture Perfect Set is amazing!! It is so easy to use too! It makes the skin look so good and smooth, while still keeping the texture of the skin. It has so many different adjustments included in the set too, so it is worth every penny!! Also, Annie is so helpful and wonderful if you have any questions! I definitely recommend getting this product if you are wanting to give your images the extra boost and better quality.

– Alyssia Baird