Turn your photos into art with robust workflow actions, unique artistic toning and vivid, clean color. The Essence (56 actions) and The Artisan (57 actions) actions give you the power to create your vision.

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Luminosity Collection

Seamlessly turn your photos into art using Luminosity’s powerful workflow actions, vibrant artistic toning and vivid, clean color. Essence and Artisan give you essential corrections, rich color shifts and pops, beautiful, deep matte finishes, and vintage film looks to create your own unique style. Unique “Blender” actions are included so you can run all the actions in a category at once to try them out or to mix and match them to create your own special recipe.

The Essence

Includes 57 actions that let you create your own beautiful, clean processed image, color or black and white. A wide array of all in one base actions to create everything from a light, airy look to all in one workflows for deep, punchy rich color infused drama. In addition to the color all in one base actions there are four all in one workflow edits for a number of creative black and white looks – classic and rich, matte and airy, soulful and vintage. Special finishing and correction tools will help you add velvety blur to your backgrounds, paint on crisp details, brush on amazing vivid color and so much more.

The Artisan

56 creative actions to transform your image with color shifts, toning, matte and haze finishes, color pops and more. From the special finishing touches also included you can create deep, blurred backgrounds and brush on creamy, glowing skin tones. There’s a little bit of everything creative in The Artisan!

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Photoshop CS2 thru CC
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2. Choose Your Actions

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Purchase Full Collection / Best Value

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Or Purchase Individual Sets

Or Purchase Individual Sets

Luminosity / Artisan Set (Photoshop)

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Luminosity / Essence Set (Photoshop)

$119.00 Add to cart

Luminosity / Artisan Set (Photoshop Elements)

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Luminosity / Essence Set (Photoshop Elements)

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  • Click to View Essence: 57 Actions

    Fresh Start

    Add Some Warmth

    Cool It Down

    Enlighten Me

    Dimmer Switch

    Tone Down Highlights

    Brush On Highlight Saver

    Light the Shadows

    On the Spot Brighten

    On the Spot Darken

    Spot Color Doctor

    Adios Color Casts

    Adios Color Casts Paint On

    Wipe On Wipe Off Color Brushes

    Base Color Workflow Edits

    Luminous (Clean and Light)

    Fierce (Deep and Rich)

    Light Bright (Bright and Rich Color)

    Soft Splendor (Soft Velvet Color)

    Verve (Clean Punchy Pop)

    Sunday Morning (Warm and Lively)

    Delicate (Light Touch – Airy)

    Organic (Matte, Hazy, Colorful)

    Blender: Essence Color Bases

    Base BW Workflow Edits

    Audrey BW

    Full of Soul BW

    Gossamer BW

    Lavish BW

    Finishing Touches

    Oomph (Light and Details)


    Deep Spark (Dramatic Depth)

    Quick Zap

    Clean Simple Pop

    Paint on Highlights and Dimension

    Make Me Rich (Deepen)

    More Fill Light Please

    Paint a Light Rainbow

    Paint a Deep Rainbow

    On the Spot Crisp

    On the Spot Angel Soft

    On the Spot Punch

    Paint on Warm Vignette

    Deep Crisp Details

    Light Crisp Details

    Softness and Blur



    Petal Soft (Rich and Matte)

    Workflow Tools

    Sharpening for Print

    Sharpening/Resize for Web (Select Your Size)

    Sharpening/Resize for Web (960) – FB Horizontal

    Sharpening/Resize for Web (720) – FB Vertical

    Noise Reduction

    Snapshot in History

    Revert to Original

    Flatten All Layers

    Move to Bottom Layer

    Move to Top Layer

  • Click to View Artisan: 56 Actions

    Creative Color Toppings



    Caffeine Fix

    Candy Coated


    Cream Tea


    Fire Opal


    Happiness Frost


    Icy Thistle

    La La Love


    Matte Portobello





    Peach Frost






    Skinny Jeans

    Sugared Suede

    Sunny Citrine

    Tranquil Ruby

    Turquoise Twist


    Vintage Vanilla



    Overlay Simple Tones

    Artisan Classic Tones Blender

    Effortless BW

    Overlay Finishes

    Rich Deep Matte

    Light Frost Matte

    Film Haze

    Film Grain

    Feather Haze

    Matte and Haze Reducer

    Light Lush Color Pop

    Finishing Touches

    Soft Deep Edges (Paint On)

    Earthen Ruby Vignette

    Earthen Ruby Paint on Edges

    Brush On Peachy Skin Glow

    Brush On Creamy Skin Glow

    Brush Off Blue Shadows

    Brush Off Yellow Tint

    Contrast Boost

    Add Back Depth – Tone Down

  • Click to View Recipe and Tutorial Booklets

    Action Installation, Troubleshooting and Tips Guide
    52 Page Recipe and Guide Book – Click Below to Preview
view PDF guide

“The Luminosity and Artisan sets have “completed me.” I say this because these sets have spoiled me with their absolutely amazing outcomes. I am able to stay true to my style with these customizable, simple to use, actions! I LOVE that they are stackable, and each action has layers that you can customize to your liking. The tones are so magical and peachy, and work extremely well with perfecting skin tones! Whether your style is bright and luminous, matted and hazy, warm or cool, whimsical or modern, The Luminosity and Essence sets will bring a breath of fresh air, and a touch of magic, to your image!”

– Brooke Lomburg Photo


I am completely smitten with these actions! I love how I can customize them to suit my style. No matter what your style is, they are SO versatile that you can create any type of look you want.

– Robin Long Photography


There is no secret behind Annie’s well-deserved success in this field. She is an awe-inspiring camera-artist, but more than that, an artist, a mother, and a hard worker. PTM actions are the best actions I have worked with by FAR, and it is obvious that Annie has a true talent and desire to bring only the BEST original, and gorgeous hand-crafted products, so that you can quickly and easily create beautiful, vibrant, and lavish photographs. Annie has inspired me as I have learned photography, and always been there when I needed a helping hand.

– Ryan Kohlmyer


I’ve been in business for a year. Family portraiture is my specialty. Until last week, I would spend an unreasonable amount of time getting my images just right. The first product I’ve purchased will not be my last, as it has increased my productivity 10 fold. I thank you for making it so easy. I thank you for making it so very worthwhile. We all want the perfect image SOOC, but this just, well, makes perfect even better!

– Kate Richardson Photography


It’s been a week since I purchased your Luminosity bundle. I’m still learning and going through the ropes here, but I would like to thank you for this product. Each photograph is a new journey and inspiration now and I’m enjoying my work once again.

Warm regards from sunny South Africa,

– Anena Burger


AMAZING! Annie has perfected her actions and cut hours off of my editing time. She is quick to respond to all inquires and very helpful. I recommend her actions every chance I get!

– Lauren Sandor


Thank you soooo much!! I have just edited two of my landscapes from the Luminosity Collection and they are exactly what I was looking for! I always knew the look I wanted but didn’t have the Photoshop skills to do it. You have made me one very happy lady. 😀

– Monika Bauer


I have used other Photoshop actions, but none of them come close to yours. They really are AMAZING! As a relatively new user to Photoshop, I can’t believe how easy they are to use. Also, they have taught me so much about Photoshop!

– Jennifer V.


Beautiful and easy to use actions (with ‘how to’ instructions along the way! Absolutely appreciated by this newbie :)) Thank you, Annie, for making it so easy to bring life to my photos!

– Lisa Tidd



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