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A simple toolbox of strong workflow basics plus retouching actions including skin smoothing, sparkly eyes, white teeth and color correction.

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Essential workflow basics and retouching tools

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Essentials &
Miracle Makeover


This basic set of essentials is the perfect combination of toolbox basics – great as a starter foundation. Includes color pop actions, exposure fixes, recovering highlights and shadows, temperature fixes, whitening whites, sharpening and clarity actions, a noise banisher, vignettes, web resizes and styles, watermarking and more. The perfect place to start with every photo to take it to awesome. Be sure to view the gallery of before and after images below!

Miracle Makeover

Create flawless skin, make those eyes sparkle, polish those teeth and fix all sorts of wonky color issues. They are highly adjustable so you control the final look, whether you want something light and natural or a dramatic look. These powerful actions will help you achieve gorgeous and professional results.

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2. Choose Your Actions

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Purchase Full Collection / Best Value

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Or Purchase Individual Sets

Essentials (Photoshop)

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Miracle Makeover (Photoshop)

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Essentials (Photoshop Elements)

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Miracle Makeover (Photoshop Elements)

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  • Click to View The Essentials Actions

    All In One Basics

    The Works (All In One Workflow Basics)

    Exposure & Contrast

    Exposure Fix

    Basic Brighten

    Lights Down

    Midtone Boost

    Contrast Boost

    Contrast Boost II

    Turn Down the Lights

    Recover Highlights

    Recover Highlights II

    Shadow Lighten

    Color Correct/ Enhancers

    Warm Up

    Cool Down

    Whiten Your Whites

    Smooth Tones

    Paint on Vibrant Color

    Punch It Up

    Luxe Color Boost

    Add Some Sunshine

    Black and White Conversion

    Fabulous BW

    Basic Matte BW

    Finishing Tools

    Soft Vignette

    Watermark Logo Bar

    Make It Smooth (Banish Noise)

    Sharpening and Clarity

    Super Sharp Fine Details

    Super Sharp Big Details

    Tack Sharp Clarity

    Cuts Like a Knife

    Resize and Sharpen for Web (2 Versions)

  • Click to View Miracle Makeover Actions

    Exposure and Contrast

    Boost Contrast

    Brighten Up

    Basic Lightening

    Eyes, Teeth, Lip Enhancers

    Sparkle Eyes

    Healthy Smile

    Kissy Lips

    Sharpen On the Spot (eyes, lips, etc.)

    Skin Retouch/Correction

    Light Touch Skin Smoother

    Make My Skin Perfect

    Make My Skin Perfect (Paint On)

    Matte Powder (Eliminates Shiny Skin)

    Pure Light (Creamy Skin)

    Color Correction

    Rid Blue and Cyan (Add Warmth)

    Rid Orange and Red

    Rid Yellow

    Get Rid of the Wonky Colors

    Fix Color Cast / Reflections (Spot Correction for Skin)

  • Click to View Action Tutorial Booklet

    Action Installation, Troubleshooting and Tips Guide

“I just wanted to say thank you for your incredible actions. I have used many different professional actions and none of them compare to yours. They are absolutely stunning!”

– Kira Spencer

Annie, thank you so much for your amazing Miracle Makeover actions. They really have taken my portraits to the next level! When you say flawless skin, sparkly eyes and a healthy smile, you totally get it. Not just beautiful, but almost ethereal. Thank you so much for making these available to your fellow photographers.

– Dragonfly Annie Photography

I love them! The Miracle Makeover set especially is unbelievable! In truth, I feel like your action sets are the only ones that I will be using (I spent a lot of money on ones before I found yours!). Thanks again for everything- I will definitely ask for help!

– Helen Odisho

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