Subtle and clean color pop or hazy, vintage looks with soft tones … Fresh Wonderland includes 44 actions to easily bring sweet enhancements to your photos.



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Fresh, subtle color and haze

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Fresh Wonderland

A set of 44 actions designed to bring delightful color and sunshine to your images. Sweet rainbows of color, vintage tones, sunny warmth and a fresh color pop. Fresh Wonderland helps transform your images into a delight for the eyes.

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Photoshop CS2 thru CC
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  • Creative Toning, Contrast & Brightening




    Simply Charming

    Wham Bam



    Awesome Sauce

    Flaxen Haze

    Candy Light Pop

    Zippy Soft Pop

    Simple Pop

    Peaches ‘n Cream Pop

    Fairy Floss Pop

    Oatmeal and Honey Pop

    Pop My Flare!

    Pure Sugar BW

    Hazy Days

    Wood Nymph

    Delightful Haze

    Creamy Soy Latte

    Blue Raspberry

    Lemon Custard Mist

    Warm Honey

    Cotton Candy

    Sea Sunrise

  • Color, Special Finish & Contrast Boosters

    Blooming Color


    Just a Little Blue

    Add Some Honey

    Warm Sweetness

    Banish Haze

    Warm Sweetness

  • Exposure Helper Actions

    Open Up Shadows

    Paint in the Dark

    Rays of Sunshine

    Rays of Sunshine Brighter

    Turn Up the Lights

    Brighten and Tone

  • Special Enhancements

    Pop It on the Spot

    Fun Faux Flare (left and right)

    Mr. Blue Skies

    Grass Is Always Greener

    Hush Now (simple softness)

  • Dreamy Rainbow Tints & Mists

    Your Choice of 16 unique looks included in one action for simple color tint selection

“I have been using your actions for years to do things I would never be able to do on my own. Not even imagine. If it were not for your actions I would not know how to edit my images beyond basic adjustments. You make my photos into art, and I so appreciate it.

Thank you so much for all that you do!”

– Angelika Mitchell

Annie, where do I even start??! I have actions coming out my ears. However, 4 days ago I decided it was time to purchase from Paint the Moon. I am beyond thrilled that I did. Not only are the actions very easy to use, they have made my work look amazing! It sounds weird saying that but I can truly say it has changed my company over night.

I used the actions on a group of “Mini Sessions” for the holidays. Literally every single image that I used your actions on, the clients purchased. Every family so far has placed an order choosing the images that I used your actions on. THANK YOU. You have a gift beyond what you probably know. Thank you for sharing it with us! I can’t wait to dive into these actions more!!

– Ashley

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