Miracle Makeover

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The Miracle Makeover Set does just what it says … performs miracles. You won’t believe the incredible (and easy!) results you’ll receive from these professional actions. Create flawless skin, make those eyes sparkle, polish those teeth and fix all sorts of wonky color issues. These actions will take your images to the next level. They are highly adjustable so you control the final results. You’ll be amazed at how powerful these actions are!

Eyes / Teeth / Lips / Lightening Actions:

Creamy Skin Lightener
Sparkle Eyes (an in-depth, highly customizable action to really make eyes pop and sparkle – deepen lashline and pupil, sharpen, brighten catchlights, whiten and more in one action)
Healthy Smile (whitens and shines teeth for a brilliant smile)
Kissy Lips (brings out a natural, healthy color and deepens rosy tones)
Sharpen on the Spot (a highlighter that is great for eyes, lips, hair, etc)

Retouching / Skin Correction Actions:

Make My Skin Perfect
Light Touch Skin Smoother
Matte Powder (eliminates shiny skin)
Hello, Gorgeous! (gives a natural glow)

Color Correction Actions:

Get Rid of the Wonky Colors (a mega action to remove every type of color cast)
Fix Color Cast / Reflections (spot correction for color cast reflections)
Get Rid of the Blues / Add Warmth
Get Rid of the Orange and Red

Other Enhancement Actions:
Brighten Up
Boost Contrast

Be sure to take a look at the powerful duo of Miracle Makeover and The Essentials in a specially priced bundle. (Elements Users Click Here)


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Photoshop Actions | Portrait Retouching Makeover Photoshop Actions | Portrait Retouching Makeover Buy the Miracle Makeover Action Set now and bring out everyone’s natural beauty in all your photos. Compatible with CS2 and higher. (Elements users click HERE)


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By Annie Manning