Luminosity Collection: Essence and Artisan



The Luminosity action collection is available as individual sets or as a bundle below. See the detailed guide and recipe book at the bottom of the page for a full listing, more details, inspiring before and afters with recipes and more! Also be sure to check out the video introduction to the Luminosity Collection at the bottom of the page!

This page is for Photoshop CS2-CS6, and Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC). The Elements versions of both sets can be found here.

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Limited time special: Save $10 on your purchase … just enter code sweet10 at checkout.


Luminosity: The Essence contains 57 actions designed to create a clean processed image with unique style. Includes the varied, all-in-one powerhouse workflow actions for both color and black and white, beautiful finishing touches and indispensable tools for essential corrections and unique added style. Also includes three different Blender actions.

Fresh Start Actions
Begin your edit here if you need to do an adjustment to exposure or color. Everything from white balance fixers to brush on color cast removers and other selective adjustments.

Color Workflow Bases
You’ll discover the Color Workflow Base actions contain everything from the action Luminous, which adds light and depth while bringing out vivid clean color, to the action Organic, which leaves your images with a beautiful matte finish, full of color with an earthy appeal. Eight gorgeous all-in-one actions that work amazing with a wide range of images, each uniquely beautiful.

Black and White Workflow Bases
Gorgeous and diverse Black and White Workflow Base actions … Gossamer, Full of Soul, Lavish and Audrey. From a dramatic and bold black and white to a matte, nostalgic classic film look.

Blender Actions
In the Base Workflow section you will find the first two Blender actions of the set, these are designed to play all the actions in a category so the user can quickly see what each action’s results look like, as well as mix and match actions to create your own unique look by turning a couple or more on and adjusting the opacity as needed. Both the Base BW Workflows as well as the Base Color Workflows have their own Blender action.

Finishing Touch Actions
Fabulous and unique tools to do everything from add back some depth and oomph to the On the Spot tools (On the Spot Crisp, Angel Soft and Punch) for selective adjustments just where needed. Enhance the details and add clarity as needed and paint a lovely warm vignette that looks natural and pretty. Includes a Finishing Touches Blender action to mix and match or just sample them quickly and efficiently.

Softness and Blur
Just the right touch to add some velvety softness with rich depth or a soft, whisper of an overlay. Be sure to paint back your subject with black on the layer mask so it doesn’t affect the details of your subject’s face or other areas you want ultimate crispness.

Workflow Tools
Handy little helper actions with everything from a perfect sharpening for print to a custom size web re-sizing and sharpening action to noise reduction and more.

Luminosity: The Artisan contains 56 actions designed to take your image to the next level with a wide variety of artistic actions and finishes. Rich color shifts and pops … beautiful, deep rich matte looks … colorful and pastel hazy looks … vintage film looks … so many possibilities. These are created to be used on an image that has been clean processed (with either The Essence action set, your own basic workflow or just a perfect straight out of camera). Also includes four different Blender actions.

Toppings for Your Base
Within the “Toppings for your base” category you’ll find the heart of The Artisan set. You’ll find color shifts and toning actions; the deep, rich matte look that is full of color; soft pastel actions with delicate hazes; rich and vibrant color pops and styles that are reminiscent of film photography.

Artisan Blenders for Toppings
Within the Toppings for Your Base category you will find the most useful and powerful of all The Blender actions that will run the heart of the Artisan actions in one swoop, leaving you with 34 gorgeous actions all stacked together and ready for you to turn on each one to quickly see the results and even better, turn on a couple here and there and adjust the opacity as needed. For those who enjoy using toning actions just here and there, especially fabulous on backgrounds, you can run the The Artisan Paint On Blender and simply paint on each action wherever you want a dab of added color, toning, matte, etc.

Overlay Simple Tones
In the Overlay Simple Tones you’ll find the powerful Artisan Classic Tones action that gives you a multitude of classic tones and looks that you can mix and match. Also in this category is the Effortless Black and White … perfect for when you want to quickly turn your color image black and white with beautiful results.

Overlay Finishes
Create a myriad of beautiful, rich matte finishes, light and airy haze finishes, a nostalgic and delicious film look or a bright, clean pop of color. Use the Overlay Finishes Blender action to create your own unique recipe or just to sample each of them quickly and efficiently. If you’ve added actions that have perhaps made the image too matte/hazy or bright, bring some depth back with the Matte and Haze Reducer action.

Finishing Touches
Includes creative and unique finishers such as a paint on soft and deep edges, a gorgeous and earthen ruby edge and creamy skin glows that brush on. You’ll also find some corrective actions that can help tone shadows that have turned too blue or to help with a yellow cast. Or if you’ve found that adding your toning and matte/haze actions has brightened your image too much or it needs some pop added back in, then the Contrast Boost or the Add Back Depth are perfect finishing touches for your masterpiece.

For a detailed list of actions included along with descriptions and tips for using them, see the guide and recipe book below.






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This page is for Photoshop CS2-CS6. The Elements versions of both sets can be found here.  

By Annie Manning