About Me

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I really dread writing bios and “about me” pages. So, I’ll just share a little information about me …

Totally random things I love:

• My precious daughters … baby Eliza June Clementine is two years old and my wild, just turned seven year old, Adeline. They are my number one muses whose pretty faces grace all my sites. And my husband who is truly my best friend, partner and soul mate as well as an amazing daddy to our girls (I know it’s so clichéd, but my little family are truly my heart and soul, my number one). And now we are expecting a new little baby boy this spring!
• Photography and anything else that lets me express my creativity
• Vegetarian foods and a cruelty free lifestyle
• Being goofy with my little clan … we love jumping on the bed together as a must do nightly ritual, having picnics under the stars all summer, and rolling to the library in our jammies when it’s stormy.
• Learning new things with my little girls every day in our adventures homeschooling
• Collecting vintage clothing, props and furniture
• Photoshop (I *live* in Photoshop and have been working with it since high school, first as a graphic designer for 12 years and then as a photographer)
• Helping other photographers succeed at doing what they love

I do have a personal blog … just keep in mind it’s a rambling dumping ground for all random things related to the crazy Manning household and totally not business related. :)

By Annie Manning